Saturday, December 31, 2011


Nannie has been anxious about getting in some time with Hunter. Last night she had a brilliant idea...take a trip on the Nashville Star. Hunter was ecstatic when he found out what they were going to be doing.
Early this morning, Nannie and Hunter headed to Hermitage to catch the Friday morning train downtown. I think every moment they both enjoyed to the fullest. They simply road downtown and turned right around and rode back. It is the simple things in life that create the best memories.


Mom has been asking me to help her start her blog. It was nice to sit and write the blog post below together. I enjoyed hearing the details of the beginning of their relationship.

In the fall of 1970, I caught Jim's eye in the cafeteria at MTSU. He was serving mashed potatoes. While I was eating, his roommate, Jeff, who was also dating my roommate at the time, brought him over to introduce him to me. I didn't think anything of it at the time due to the fact I was dating another fellow. He asked me out several times, but I declined due to my dating status. That December he asked me to to attend his Sigma Nu Christmas Dance. With a little reluctance, I accepted. The reluctance originated from my feelings for my current bo and the feelings my Sorority sister had for JB (aka...Jim). I also had my Alpha Delta Pi Christmas dance the week before his. Marvin Painter was to be my date for that evening, but at the last minute something came up and he wasn't able to attend. Out of desperation and in need of a for sure "YES", I invited JB. Without any hesitation, he graciously accepted.

My dorm room was a buzz of excitement and nervousness. Why was I nervous about going out with him??? I wasn't sure at the time. After completing the beauty process of putting on my homemade green velvet dress, curling my hair, and applying mascara, I was ready to go. About an hour and a half after I was ready, he finally arrived. This first date was turning out to be a bit of a disaster before I even met him in the lobby. He didn't have a car, so he had to depend on doubling with another couple. Come to find out, as JB was leaving with his roommate/chauffeur, his roommate decided that they were going to make a "run" at the liquor store, which happened to be in Shelbyville, 30 minutes away. This, mind you, was NOT JB's idea. However, he had to go along due to being at the driver's mercy. As these 2 fellas were leaving the fraternity house, where he was living at the time, he did ask another brother to call me and tell me that he was running late. Well, that brother never called.

After he arrived, I hesitantly made my way towards the lobby. The dress that I was wearing was a green velvet short dress. The style at the time was "mini skirts" so it was pretty short. I was aware of the fact that we were doubling at the time. The closer I got to the car, I realized that we were tripling. (Now that I look back, I'm not sure where that other couple came from.) We did all fit in the car, but by the time we got to the Kappa Sigma house for the warm-up party my new velvet dress was now a crushed velvet dress.

Jim and I decided to join in on the dancing. While we were dancing, another couple that was dancing with a beverage of their choice, bumped into us and spilt their drink on me. Now I was wearing a crushed velvet dress with the aroma of liquor. The dance happened to be in one of the college's cafeterias, so there was no liquor allowed. Jim and I were not drinking, but one of the couples we were "tripling" with had been drinking pretty heavily. The other couple happened to be Jim's roommate and my roommate. Later that evening, we all piled into the car to go to the dance on campus.

When it was time to get our pictures taken, we decided to get them made with our roomates. As the photographer took the picture, Jim goosed me at the waist. What was an innocent giggle, ended up looking like we were the ones drinking once the pictures were returned a few weeks later. One of the 3 pictures that were taken I was squirming and was laughing pretty hard. This made my dress hike way up on my leg. I never showed Mother and Daddy those pictures.

There was an excellent band playing that night. We enjoyed listening and dancing to their music. The band's name was ALABAMA. At the time, they were not well known. It is pretty amazing how far they have come since that evening. We just didn't know how lucky we were at the time.

This was their first Christmas tree.  Mom made the ornaments out of aluminuim foil. 
This was their first date.  Dad was tickling mom and making her laugh.
Dad would hitch-hike to Nashville to see mom on the weekends after he moved to Birmingham to Pharmacy School. 

Check out their blog...there is a link in the side bar.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Boyd Clan Christmas

Douglas and his siblings posing for a pic.  They are lined up
youngest to oldes (left to right).
Lillie Bell, Douglas, Jimmy, Virginia, Tony (aka "Fat Rabbit"), Nellie, and 
Again with the steps...
The proud Boyd clan, lookin' spiffy.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! The kids slept until a little before 6. That is an accomplishment within itself. We made a phone call up to Nannie and Papa to let them know that we were about to come upstairs and see if Santa visited. Hunter was really antsy to head up the stairs. I was able to cut in front and get up before him to grab some pics as they discovered all of the goodness that Santa had left behind.
Hunter had asked a few weeks ago for a remote control train. He was ecstatic to see that his wish had been granted. Mackenzie received a tray full of birthday party foods for her new kitchen. Santa also brought the kids a bounce house, a new kitchen , and a new coupe car. He had left some pictures of those items and a letter explaining that they were waiting for them in Florida. Papa brought in his guitar and sang Christmas carols as we played. It was a great morning sitting in our pajamas and not rushing around. Nannie and Papa enjoyed the excitement. We did open stockings prior to leaving for lunch. Nannie discovered that Santa had brought her a ticket to Jellystone Park to see the lights. We decided that we would be going together to enjoy those later that night.
It amazes me the changes that have occurred over the years with our Christmas traditions. It has taken me a while to wrap my mind around the fact we won't be at our home on Christmas morning. However, I wouldn't want our Christmas to be without our family. This year has worked out perfectly. Mom and Dad have been adopted into our Christmas morning traditions. Annmother and Pops are apart of our Christmas Eve traditions. There is no gift more important to me than having those traditions and time to be with our family.
Singing Christmas carols with Papa.  Hunter was amazed that
Papa knew the songs that he had been taught at school.
("Silent Night", "O'Christmas Tree", and some other classics)
Loving the train!
Making me some treats.
They are just too cute.
Hunter coming up the stairs to see what Santa had brought.
Opening our stockings  (I promise I didn't coordinate our pajamas.)  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Getting Ready for Santa

When we got home from the Morris Christmas, it was about time for bed. Mackenzie made it to bed first and Hunter wasn't too far behind. I was wondering if he would go to sleep quickly, but he had no problem falling asleep. No nap days have been happening more often these days which has made going to bed easier. We did put out the cookies and milk before hitting the pillow. He also left his letter and picture to Santa next to it.

Later that night I went to the Christmas Eve service @11 with Mom and Dad. We used to always attend these services. It was a beautiful service. I am hoping to start making this apart of our tradition again. It was great to see Daddy get up and sing in the choir again. He only sang the last song but it was the best song of the night.

Note to self:
1. Ask Santa to pick up some batteries before dropping off the presents so that it is not a worry on Christmas Eve.
2. Drink a cup of coffee before going to the 11 o'clock service.

Morris Christmas

Our family gatherings are getting bigger and bigger each year. Dave and Linda's house is a great venue for the event. There are several gathering areas big enough for everyone to get around and visit.
Little Lady having fun.
Our gatherings traditionally involve a wonderful feast, yummy desserts from Rhonda's kitchen, Santa swap, and kids playing. Mawmaw wasn't feeling well, but acted like she enjoyed all of the energy floating around her. It was a great night.
Martha and Molly pose for the annual cousin picture.  Motherhood reflects
well on both of them.  
Colin and Papa doing the entertaining everyone.
Chad and Evan having fun.
Nannie and Evan getting some quality time.
EJ and Hunter were born 6 weeks apart.  They are 2 peas in a pod
when they get together.  
Sara and Lindsay posing for the annual cousin picture.
Hunter showing off his new book from EJ.

The girls
Exploring the stairs
Jarod and I posing for our annual picture.  
Sara and Colin 
He looks like his is into mischief.   This is a look I saw from Sara when she was younger.  
Mackenzie not happy at that moment.
Mawmaw and Papa enjoying some time together.  
Brothers bonding.

Christmas on the Boyd Farm

I am so excited that this Christmas is working out so that we are not as rushed. Today we were able to pick up some doughnuts and head up to the farm. We didn't have to be anywhere until 3:30 that afternoon. Rushing was not on the agenda, but quality time was.
On the way up, Mackenzie fell asleep. This gave her a little rest and put her in a good mood prior to getting there. Wendy was able to drive up last night. We truly enjoyed spending time with one another. Usually, due to work schedules and holiday schedules, we only get a few hours together on Christmas morning. Frances Ann ordered a deli tray from Walmart. She had some finger foods set out. It was practically a "no mess" meal.
Hunter got tons of fun new toys. Wendy gave him a few Matchbox car cases with some cars. His biggest gift was his remote control car. Mackenzie got several new outfits, a new doll, and so much more.
After lunch and gifts, Mackenzie was ready for another nap. Annmother rocked her to sleep. Pops, Adam, and Hunter were able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather by shooting some hoops and riding the Jeep.
What a relaxing and enjoyable day.
Annmother enjoying her new Shutterfly books.
Mackenzie getting sung to.  She went right to sleep for Annmother.
This present wasn't only big, but also heavy.  Look below to see what was in it.
Pops, Adam, and Hunter outside shooting some hoops.
My little man lookin' cute.
Aunt Wendy and Adam trying to figure out how to get
the new truck out of the box.  Have you ever wondered how
many people it took to put it in the box???  It certainly takes 2 to
get things like this out.
Mackenzie enjoying some of her
new toys.
Hunter enjoying a game with Aunt Wendy.