Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Nashville

Hunter reading his new Cars pillow book.
Colin and Hunter's matching PJ's
Adam creating a new train track. He's so good with it!
The Morris Family
Mawmaw with the grandchildren and the newest great-grandchild Ellis.

Christmas this year was very exciting. Hunter understood who Santa was and the excitement was fun to watch unfold. Christmas morning Santa surprised Hunter with some new additions to his train track. Over the past 5 days that has been the highlight of his day. Adam, Annmother, Pops, Nannie, Papa, and I are becoming train engineer experts. We design about 3 or 4 train tracks a day. Adam surprised me with a new camera. Unfortunately, I took my memory card that I had in my old camera and put it in my new one and the pictures where erased. The only pictures I have are from my mom's camera. This saddens me because Christmas morning and Christmas' at Meemaws was erased. It is always good to see all of the family this time of year. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Playing in the Snow

The Sledding Hill of TERROR
Aunt Wendy and Hunter swinging

This was Hunter's extent of sledding. We were the first people to break the snow at the park. Why anyone wouldn't want to go down a slide with snow I can not tell you?

Aunt Wendy headed up to join us for some fun in the snow. We haven't had much luck sledding until she brought us some sleds from Knoxville (NO ONE sells sleds here because it is a NO SNOW ZONE???). Adam had suggested we go over to the Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol. They have a dam that we decided we would try out. One trip down, I knew we were NEVER going to send Hunter down, even when he is 10! It was a blast though for us. Wendy and Adam even continued after I decided I had enough. They both went air born for a good period of time down one trip. Lots of fun, but for them today...LOTS OF PAIN! Totally worth it though. Here is a clip of one of our trips. Wish I could say that this was the most treacherous part, but it is not. No caught that one tape.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Olde Farm

We took a little walk over to the golf course. Here are some pictures!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

From the beach to the snow...

Our first snowman!

Snow...something I haven't experienced in 7 years. From yesterday around 1pm to last night about 9pm it snowed around 6 - 8 inches. Our experience in the snow yesterday was short-lived due to the windy conditions. However, this morning it was perfect. We spent over 2 hours running through the snow, building 2 snowmen, walking over to the golf course, and making roads for Hunter's truck. I was amazed that we were not freezing by the time we came in. In fact at one point, I was sweating. Hunter wore himself out. He immediately came in and crashed. Stay tuned for more pics of our afternoon adventures...

Hunter's Christmas Party @ Spring Garden

Look at his smile!
Hunter was so excited about his Christmas party at school. They ate pizza and decorated cookies. He continually asked me if I was staying to play. His teacher, Mrs. Jen, took my idea for a Christmas Book exchange and used it with the kids. Hunter ended up with a Thomas the Train book, which he LOVES!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Trip to Florida

This was Adam's first full week vacation since our honeymoon. I think we all enjoyed our time together.
Hunter likes to build roads with castles on the side. This was one of our masterpieces :)

The dump truck is a "Must Have" when we go to the beach or park.

Michelle and Dave invited us over for dinner the first Friday we were in town. It was like old times...lots of laughter and some wine. Hunter enjoyed "the girls" (see below) and then later fell asleep to his favorite movie "Cars". I think he enjoyed hanging out at the Legried's.

The 2nd Annual Christmas Book exchange was held at our favorite park. It was a perfect day (other than a few of our friends not being there due to sickness, they were missed). Hunter and Hallie are working on their letters to Santa while the others are off playing.Opening presents has taken on a new meaning this year.
The Lussier Family made an appearance. Andrew and Emma just had their 1st birthday in October. They are 2 beautiful blessings.
The party participants had a blast picking out their new books.
The past few weeks have been filled with tons of fun and sun. We spent most of the time outdoors and enjoying all of our friends. Hunter was invited to spend a few days at Mrs. Dominique's house. He loved being back with the "girls + Andrew". In fact on the way back to Bristol he requested to go there instead of going to school. Overall he has done fantastic with the transition and hasn't showed much emotion until this trip. He is continually telling us that he wants to go back to our Naples house. Thanks Jayme and Kevin for that :)

In a few words, we built sandcastles and tunnels, trimmed the bushes, pulled the weeds in our yard (I know that doesn't sound like too much fun, but I TOTALLY LOVED being in OUR yard), playing in the wagon, going down and throwing rocks in the canal, going to our favorite park, play dates, dinner dates (including one that Adam and I got to go on without little guy), and a Christmas Book Exchange. I also enjoyed just walking around the shopping venues and listening to the music and hustle and bustle of the season. YES, I said listening and not buying! I did have a Girls Night Out that ROCKED! And a Girls Day Out filled with wine and chocolate and window shopping...my favorite things! It just doesn't get better than that. Thank you for all of you that continually make us feel like family in Naples. We do miss each and everyone of you!