Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ahhhhh... I LOVE my being called "mama" or "mom". However, I have been looking forward to this weekend for about 4 months. Sarah and Matthew Burke agreed to go along. To tell the truth, it was supposed to be a Girls Trip, but it just didn't turn out that way. I secretly am happy that it was a couples trip due to Adam and I needing some time to unwind and enjoy ourselves.
Frances Ann and Wendy quickly jumped at the opportunity to come down and help out with the kids while we were gone. Not only was this weekend going to be fun for us, but also the kids. They were so excited to have them visit. We are so lucky to have such an amazing, supportive family.
We headed out on Thursday night to spend a night at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The next day we headed to the port of Miami to take off. Our first stop was on Saturday in Nassau. Sunday was at sea and returned on Monday. We had a blast. I was ready to hear the word "mom" when I returned. I was amazed at how easy I rested knowing they were in good hands.

New Addition

So Adam has the best luck. Today he won a new 41 inch LCD TV. So now we have 3 large TV's. I went to work right away rearranging things in the front room so that we could accommodate one of the TVs. The kids had a good time with the box. The front room is now officially the "Kidz Zone". It feels more complete. Now we have an adult area when friends come over and the kids have a separate area to play and watch movies.

Dinner with the neighbors

Hunter was so excited to be back home. He wanted to have the neighbors over. He asked daily. Laura is about a month away from having her 4th baby and it has been hard to pin down a time for all of us to get together. Finally, after being home for 2 weeks, we were able to have them over for dinner. Kayla made Mackenzie a little sign that I immediately had her hang on Mackenzie's door. The kids had a blast and it was good to catch up with them. Love that Laura and I are neighbors both at school and at home. I am looking forward to teaching with her again this year. She even moved into the class next to me so that we are sharing a door.

Friday Nights

Love the beach in the late afternoons. We have picked up doing this again with a few of our friends. It is always nice to let the kids play and listen to the sound of the ocean. Mackenzie is very brave in the water lately which can be a challenge at the beach. Hunter has really taken off with swimming lately. Love that the kids love the water so much.

Look What She Can Do

I have fallen a little behind on the blog lately. Life has been a whirl wind since we have returned to the sunshine state. The first few days we were home the kids acted like it was Christmas all over again. They got out their favorite toys and just had fun. I got to work on catching up on mail, cleaning, and some pinterest projects.
Mackenzie has shown a few new colors of personality this summer. She copies EVERYTHING Hunter says and does. Poor little fella, this gets old. She was not listening and need a little time to evaluate her actions one day. I place her in her bed. I walked out and found her following me. I grabbed the camera to catch her in action. She was so proud of herself. In fact she said, "cheese" while I took the pictures. I thought this action was going to continue. I was really hoping she would stay in the baby bed for 6 more months, but I don't want her to fall while climbing out of bed. I decided to hold off on getting out the toddler bed until after our "couples" vacation. I lowered the side of her bed to help her be closer to the ground if she did try to climb out. However, she hasn't tried since then. Apparently having the side all the way up she was able to maneuver herself over the top. She is not able to do so if the side is down. It is nice that Hunter can get her out of her bed now. So...a few more months of the baby bed.