Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last minute plans...

Last night, Matthew and Sarah invited us over for dinner for pizza. This was a random get together brought on by some very convincing kids. Again, the girls had fun playing with barbies and getting into Sarah's make-up. If you look closely enough, you will see Samantha's wonderful makeover that she gave Mackenzie. The boys went on a ride on the ATV. Of course, the boys didn't ride without an adult, but they were caught trying. The Burks were given some banana trees from the Briggs' family about 1 1/2 years ago. They are huge and thriving well. They offered to give us a couple and we took them up on it. Fitting them in the car was a bit difficulty and it really confused Mackenzie as to why the back seat looked like a jungle, but Hunter loved having the palm fronds in his face on the way home. What a great way to end Spring Break?!?!?!?! Back to the grind on Monday.

The 2013 County Fair

Growing up, I wasn't taken to the fair that often. Living next to the fairgrounds defiantly has its perks. We drive past it for 11 days and the kids continually ask to go. Knowing that this can cost an arm and a leg, we go on the days that have the arm bands. Friday night was $20 band night. We loaded up and called the Burks. The fair is one that I take wipes, hand sanitizer, jackets, and a camera. We go prepared for a lot of fair food and fun. Luckily, the older kids were fine with sticking with the little rides. I was not sure I was ready for them to go on the bigger rides just yet. They didn't even ask. They had a blast running from one to another. We were there for almost 4 hours. I have a feeling Hunter and Adam will be going back on the $5 band night next Wednesday. Wondering if we are going to be able to get the Mendicinos to tag along. Always fun when we can get a group of kids to go so that Hunter doesn't have ride by himself.


Going to the beach was our original plan for Thursday. However, the weather made us change our plans to an indoor activity. The Mendicinos joined us for a few games. I wasn't sure they would even have shoes that fit Mackenzie, but they did. The bumpers were put up and off they went. At first, Hunter and I took turns helping Mackenzie. Kayla wanted to help. I gladly let her take over. It was cute watching them together. Hunter did really well. He won the first game and Mackenzie won the second game (luck of course). Trenton, Mark, and Hunter had a blast running back and forth from the arcade games and bowling. Laura and I just enjoyed watching them have fun. We decided to eat lunch there and let the fun continue. We were there for 3 hours. The kids weren't ready to leave, but nap time was quickly approaching for Mackenzie. We had a blast. LOVE SPRING BREAK!!!!

Boys will be Boys and Girls will be Girls

The Burke family frequents our house quite often. However, our visits have come few and far between since Sarah has gone back to school for her Masters. Being Spring Break, we took the opportunity to get together to have a Fiesta. I decided to cook Stuffed Peppers, Tequitas, Chips/Salsa, Guacamole, and Queso. It was delish!!!
Normally when the kids come over, they all play together. However, this time they split up. The boys were playing pirates outside and the girls were playing dress up and having a tea party. The boys were in and out finding treasures and having sword fights. The girls were in the front room having a tea party. After dinner the kids continued to play separately. Samantha started dressing Mackenzie up and playing with her hair. We had a few fashion shows. It was super cute to watch them all play.


Mawmaw taught me how to make dumplings a while back, but it is not a dish I serve often. Last weekend the weather was a little chilly. It felt like chicken-n-dumplin weather. The kids wanted to help me put the dumplins in. I enjoyed watching them be apart of a family tradition. Because they helped, it was the best batch yet. Hunter and Mackenzie loved them and wanted more. The apples don't fall far from the tree. Originally, I was making them for Adam, but it is now a family favorite.

Disney on Ice

Kevin and Jayme invited us to Disney On Ice this last weekend. It works out perfectly as apart of our excitement build up for our Disney Trip next month. The kids did a little "tailgating" prior to the event by sitting in Jayme and Kevin's trunk ;) The kids weren't really sure what to expect, but Mackenzie requested to bring a couple of her princesses with her on the journey. The show consisted of a bit from each of the following movies:
1. "Cars"
2. "Little Mermaid"
3. "Tinkerbell"
4. "Toy Story 3"
They both enjoyed each segment, but it was interesting to hear Hunter state that "Little Mermaid" and "Tinkerbell" were for girls. They had a blast. I can't wait to see their excitement once our trip to Disney arrives.

Field Day #1

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from my assistant principal telling me that I was going to get coverage in order to go and watch Hunter participate in Field Day. I was blown away with this opportunity. I was going to have my team watch my class while I went. LOVE WORKING AT THIS SCHOOL!!!
Field Day at Big Cypress is different than any other that I have ever participated in. Their are 4 events that last 30 minutes each:
1. Chicken Race
2. Sponge Ball
3. Tug - A - War
4. Fill the Bucket
The kids work together as a team to accomplish 3 of the 4 events. I love the commendatory between the kids to win each event. I was able to watch Hunter bring his class to win the chicken race. His class won 4 times :) The next event was Sponge Ball. I loved watching Hunter take off and try to get his opponents out.
After school, he stated that it was the "best day ever". He had a blast and slept really well that night.