Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Working Out

Throughout the pregnancy I have tried to keep up with my workout. It has been difficult since the move to Florida, but Hunter has become my coach. He loves to watch me workout. So instead of working out while he is asleep, I have been working out after his nap. I have some smaller weights that he uses to imitate what I'm doing. Whenever he sees that I stop for a minute he begins coaching, "Mom, your not doing it." (He is referring to the video and how I'm not following along.). I do miss pushing myself, but being pregnant I listen to my body and take frequent breaks. I'm trying really hard to stay on track this pregnancy, but it is getting harder. Mackenzie is going to be a big baby, just like her big brother (born @ 9lbs1oz).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Visit from Annmother

Annmother popped down for a quick visit recently. Hunter was so excited that she was coming he could hardly control himself. We went to the airport and watched her plane fly in. He loves spending time at the airport. I don't think he remembers a whole lot of us flying on the airplane, but he has flown more in his short life than most of us ever have ever flown.
While Annmother was here we went to the beach, pool, the water park, and did a little shopping. We love having visitors down. It gives us a chance to take a mini-vacation from "life" and enjoy SW Florida and the company.
Adam and I celebrated our 7th anniversary while she was here. We were grateful for a night out just the two of us. When we came home Hunter and Annmother had little hearts cut out and put on our bed saying "Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad". We enjoyed her visit and look forward to her and Pops coming down in 8 weeks for Mackenzie's birth.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Slumber Party

Saturday morning cartoons
Bedtime storytime
The Burke kids came over and enjoyed a slumber party with us. Samantha, Jackson, and Hunter had a blast playing together. Before bed we enjoyed 3 books. Jackson and Samantha slept in Hunter's room. It was easy to figure out that they don't sleep together very often. Adam and I listened to their cute giggling and talking for over an hour before they drifted off to sleep. Hunter's new sleeping spot, when someone is occupying his room, is in our walk-in closet on a mattress. That is his favorite hiding place. It does sound a little odd when we tell people that he is "sleeping in the closet", but he loves it. The next morning the kids enjoyed breakfast and cartoons. So fun to watch kids at this age carry on little conversations.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playdate at our house

The old gang from Mrs. Dominique's house.
Emma and Andrew Lussier having fun outside.

Samantha putting the fireman belt on Sarah.

Emily and Aiden being silly!

Hunter and Hailey enjoying lunch together.

The Briggs Boys eating a yummy lunch.

Hunter's room after everyone left.

Last summer Hunter and I participated in a playdate group in Bristol. I took the idea and decided to come up with playdates for all of Hunter's friends here in Naples. We are meeting every Thursday morning for the next 8 weeks at different locations across the area. Today's playdate was at our house. We ended up with 12 kids running around and having a blast. We hadn't seen Dominique and her girls + Aiden since we have moved back. When they walked in Hunter's face lit up. He even ran and gave Mrs. Dominique a big hug. It was a great reunion. In fact the 4 of them, Hailey, Emily, Aiden, and Hunter stuck together most of the playdate playing together. We enjoyed a variety of lunch goodies. After lunch the kids enjoyed ice cream cones and the adults enjoyed ice cream cake (something I threw together for Father's Day for Adam). As everyone was leaving, they offered to help clean up, but we declined their offer. I knew that Hunter would spend the afternoon having fun reorganizing everything. Sure enough he did. I think everyone had a blast and got some good naps out of the kiddos.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Bash @ My Gym!

Playing Hide-n-Seek in the balls
Hunter with the Birthday Boy!!!

Being silly with Jackson.

Hunter's friend, Colin, had a birthday at My Gym. If you haven't visited My Gym it is a little kids heaven! Hunter had fun running from one activity to the next. I tried to figure out what was his favorite, but I don't think he had a favorite. He loved it all. Their was free play, directed play with the employees (which have more energy than I could ever have), and birthday goodies. We had a blast watching him participate in all of the fun activities.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Name Game

Adam and I have had a very hard time deciding on names for "baby sister". It has taken us almost 10 weeks to decide. The top 5 were, in no particular order, were:
1. Madison (Adam's preference)
2. Addison (my preference)
3. Sydney (Adam's preference)
4. Ella (Hunter's and my preference)
5. Mackenzie (everyone's favorite)
No matter how many changes we made on the list Mackenzie was consistently on the list. Adam's #1 choice was Sydney. Hunter and I loved Ella. I think both sides were waiting for the other to cave in. So, 2 nights ago, we started playing with chalk on the patio. I began writing all the different names. Both Adam and I have been leaning towards Mackenzie, but weren't sure how to spell it. The second picture above is us trying out different spellings. The first picture is our final decision, Mackenzie Claire Boyd. We love the name and are looking forward to welcoming her into the family.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Dinner

We have been enjoying the outdoors each evening and eating on the patio. This has happened for 2 reasons: 1. We missed eating on the patio, 2. The dining room was full of boxes until today. I was so excited to have the room put back together and to sit down at OUR table and eat dinner. The menu for the evening was simple, spaghetti. It didn't matter what we ate, we were just happy to be gathered around our table again.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Poor Man Living in a Rich Man's World

Our view from the boardwalk.
The view from the pool.

Hunter lovin' life!

Getting his grub on.

Happy to be back!

Adam has been welcomed back to the Naples area graciously by some of the members from Olde Florida, his home course. One of the members has given us free realm of his beach house, pool, and beach while he is gone for the summer. This is just some of the perks that has been bestowed upon us ;) He lives at Barefoot Beach which is located just north of Naples. Shania Twain has been seen running in this neighborhood. Most of the residents are "snowbirds" and only come down during the fall and winter months. We are going to visit quite frequently and take advantage of this perk while we can.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Hunter and Samantha playing with the truck.

Hunter and one of the Townsend twins (they have 2 sets of twins, I have a hard time telling them apart at times).

Before we even arrived to Naples, we had several invitations for Memorial Day weekend. We spent Sunday afternoon at the Briggs' home in Orange Tree. Hunter loved playing with all of Colin's toys. Their were at least 10 kids around Hunter's age running around. They all had a blast. Hunter even went for a swim. He hasn't swam since last August and I didn't expect for him to take off in the water like he did. I put on his "ducky" float and off he went without any help from me. Sunday night we headed over to the Legried's home for delicious smoked ribs, pasta salad, cowboy beans, and yummy cookies. The day was full of fun!