Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day in Preschool

Today was Hunter's first day in preschool. This was a big step for both of us. He has always been taken care of in our home by Agota or by Dominique at "Mrs. Dominique's" house. Overall, I am pretty pleased with Spring Garden. When I picked him up, I asked if he had fun and if he wanted to go back tomorrow. He replied, "Yes, but not tomorrow just later." So I think he did miss me, but also had a good time. For now, he is going 3 days a week while I substitute or volunteer in the community. The only draw back so far is not being able to pack PB & J. I'm fine with that, but not sure how little guy will handle that news. We do miss our friends in Florida and I know that he was in the perfect spot there. Saying that...I felt very comfortable with this today. Good sign.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few Summer Favorite Photo's

These are a few of his favorite things...trains and trucks.
These are compliments of the Great Aunt Sallie. Thank you Aunt Sallie!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm gonna get "chew"!

When Hunter has the water gun...he is TROUBLE!
He will run after you saying, "I'm gonna get chew!" Gettin' Annmother at a pool party.


Last week we spent the week in Nashville with family and friends. We had a blast! Normally most summers we spend 3 to 6 weeks in Nashville and then travel back to Naples. However, this year has been different. We have been out of pocket by going a variety of places, but not Nashville. Hunter started off the week by spending a night with Annmother and Pops while I went to a Bachelorette Party. I then traveled to a family reunion with my parents and uncle. It was good to just sit in a car, not having to drive and read/sleep..whatever I wanted. The remainder of the week was swimming, playing, learning how to make the famous Chicken-n-Dumplins from Mawmaw, and catching up with friends.
I even had the privilege to stay at Opryland Hotel with Virginia Reynolds and Kelly G. Troutt. We had a blast! It was so good to catch up. Time flew because before we knew it 3:30 am arrived and we were still up talking. The next morning I was in the elevator with a gentleman and he asked where I was from. My response, "About 5minutes from here. You?" We felt more than 5 minutes away though. It was good to get away and not have life chasing our every move.