Friday, June 15, 2012

At The "Boyd Market"

As always, Pops veggie stand was as busy as usual. Hunter has spent a few days up there the past week. He enjoys going to the field and picking fresh produce. Pops has also started making trips to the Amish auctions to get a larger variety of produce. Tonight, Annmother cooked a spread that was delicious. Hunter had helped her create the menu. He requested ham, corn, Mac-n-cheese, potatoes, and tomatoes. I love that he is starting to try veggies again. Mackenzie LOVES fresh corn. Annmother also cooked green beans, meatloaf, and a key lime pie. We were stuffed! The kids had a good time creating race cars out of boxes and running around with an umbrella and broom. Afterwards Adam thought it would be best to give the kids a bath. Hunter was introduced to Annmother's jacuzzi tub last night and wanted to have another with a lot of bubbles. It was fun to watch them get lost in the sea of bubbles. Hunter and Adam decided to stay the night. Mackenzie and I headed home. She was out very quickly. We all will sleep good tonight.

Visit with Grandaddy

My grandfather has made a hard transition from home into an assisted living home. When we arrived he was sleeping, but very quickly perked up for a visit. Mackenzie feel asleep on the way there and continued her nap during most of our visit. Grandaddy enjoyed looking at her and stroking her soft skin. Nannie gave him a good back rub. He continually worried about her working too hard, but she enjoyed helping him. Mackenzie did wake up the latter part of the visit. He enjoyed our singing and her entertaining him. It was a great visit. We are going to go back tomorrow to celebrate Father's Day with him. I can't believe how lucky I am to still have 3 amazing grandparents still with us. I am hoping to visit with them often over the next couple of weeks.

Summer Nights in Cheekwood

Thursday nights are Family Nights at Cheekwood. They also have several tree houses on display. Last year we enjoyed the train display and a couple concerts on the lawn. Adam stayed at home with Papa. As much as we wanted him to be with us, Nannie was able to relax a little more and enjoy the kids. The men ordered pizza and watched golf, which I think they both enjoyed more anyhow. The little ones are do cute together. It was fun to watch them interact with one another.

@Lucky Ladd's Farm

Sara and Mom have raved about this farm since last Halloween. It is a family operated farm located in Eagleville, TN. They are open every season except winter. They have a wonderful animal area with animals ranging from goats, lamas, donkeys, and peacocks. The kids had a blast feeding the animals. We also took a ride around the grounds on a wagon. There was a large playground area. They have taken the simplest items and turned them into play areas. Hunter's favorite area were the slides. There was a large hill that the kids climbed up and then had a choice of 3 different man made slides. When I say big, I mean HUGE! Of course Mackenzie wanted in the action. I wasn't able to capture a picture of her going down the burlap slide due to me sitting at the top helping Hunter hold on to her. She had a blast sitting in front of him going down. We had a good time spending some time with Nannie.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Beginning of Summer

I have been looking forward to summer for a while now. Usually it is for 2 reasons: 1. Need a break from school, and 2. wanting some quality time with my kids and family. This year only #2 applies.
Yesterday was the annual Ikard (my Mother's mother's side of the family) Reunion. My Aunt Sallie and Uncle George host it at their beautiful home in the mountains. The view is spectacular. The kids always have a good time. I lucked out with Mackenzie taking a nap on the way up. We road with Sara. It was fun having all the kids together in one car. They did really well.
The day was filled with good food and visiting with the family. I think Papa was the most excited about having his little lady in town. I have a strong feeling the bond between them is going to be really strong this summer. What a great way to start our summer!
Hunter and I enjoying some s'mores.  This was his first experience of roasting marshmellows himself.  Yummy!
Just a swingin'
Nannie showing the kids her new little puppy, Trixie.
Evan and Mackenzie exploring the water pump. 
3 Generations, Grandmother, Nannie, and Sara, enjoying Colin playing in the pool.
Hunter and Nannie roasting hotdogs over the fire pit.
Hunter and Mackenzie enjoying the view.  I promise I didn't pose them for this picture. 
Mackenzie trying badminton out. 
Beginner Cornhole
Mackenzie having fun on the tractor.
Nannie teaching the kids how to play badmitten. Good luck with that one :)
Getting to enjoy one of Nannie's favorite things...swinging.
Ready set, GROW!!! 
Papa entertaining the crowd.
I think between my two kiddos, a whole watermelon was consumed. 
Being silly