Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

Hunter giving Colin one of his eggs.

He found a ton of eggs...left them at Nannie's because they didn't fit in the suitcases.

Nannie helping Hunter find a few eggs while I catch some photo opportunities.

This was the first Easter I have been home in 6 years. It was so good to see the whole family under one roof. I loved being able to see everyone. We started the day off at City Road United Methodist Church followed by a late lunch and Easter Egg hunt at 404 Nesbitt. Nannie invited both the Pearsall family and Morris family over. There were about 40 people under one roof. It was a house full of catching up and hugs. That evening we went to the Boyd's house to visit with Aunt Wendy, Annmother, and Pops. We enjoyed a quiet evening visiting with them all. We are looking forward to seeing everyone more often once we move.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bristol Visit

Getting treated with a chocolate chip cookie.
Hat and gloves for the first time!!! He wasn't sure what to do with them.

Running around in the snow.

Seeing Adam after 3 weeks was amazing. Hunter and I had a great time just hangin' with dad. We arrived on Sunday. The weather was perfect and we went to the park. The next day a cold front came through and Monday night it started to snow. Hunter was so excited to see something other than rain falling from the sky. He had fun running around in it. We went to bed that night with the anticipation that it would accumulate and be worth playing in the next morning. I woke up, excited to see the white world outside, to find a glummy wet morning with nothing more than a few areas of accumulation. Over the next 12 hours it continued to snow, but as soon as anything would start to accumulate the sun would come out. snowman this time around, but looking forward to the future snowmen.
The week flew by. We went to the Monday Night Wing Night (Adam's new Monday night tradition), cooked dinner a few times, watch a few movies, put a "woman's touch" on the place, and did laundry. I know it doesn't sound too exciting, but the feeling of having my family all together under one roof was all I needed. 7 weeks until the next time we are together.