Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo

Hunter no longer naps. I thought I would never allow him to not take a nap, but I have given up on fighting it. However, nap time is his time to play with things that are hard for him to play with while Mackenzie is running around. Last weekend, he not only cleaned his room, he picked up the whole house and did a good job of it. (Mackenzie and I nap together.) Today he decided to set up all of his train tracks. He is so creative. I love that he has this time. Surprisingly, he stays quiet and lets us nap.
Back to this bad habit of Mackenzie and I napping together, because she hoards all of her toys in her bed, she has a hard time sleeping comfortably. I discovered she takes great naps with me. In fact, she loves to cuddle during this time.

Keeping Her Busy

Cooking dinner can be a challenge when the kids are starving. Tonight I decided to have Mackenzie sort out colors with Fruit Loops. She was occupied the whole time I cooked dinner. I just need to be creative and keep her busy. This one worked out great.

Pampering for the Ladies

Jayme is due to have a new addition in a couple of months. She requested that we NOT have a baby shower for her, but just a girls night out. Tricia and I decided to reserve some chairs at the local nail salon and then head next door to the Blue Monkey for some apps. Of course, we couldn't just let this be just any girls night out. We added a diaper cake, cupcakes, and a party favor to the mix. The pampering started at 4:30 and we didn't go home until 9. What a great night to remember. Christine even tried to give Sarah a pedicure, but it looks like Sarah wasn't enjoying it at all. We had a lot of laughs last night. Love those ladies!

Balloon Fun

Saturday mornings used to be hanging around the house, cleaning, and catching up. Now that Mackenzie is participating in a dance class, our schedule has made a little change. I don't usually go into any stores with both kids unless I have Adam with me. Adam has started doing the grocery shopping during the week. There is no need in me going to the store with him doing all of the shopping. However, the last few weeks, after dance, we have run an errand or two. I have quickly learned that Mackenzie doesn't know how to act in a store. Hunter does pretty well when he is with just me, but when we add Mackenzie to the mix, neither handle it well. My solution...bribery. This is not a good solution, but it works long enough for me to encourage the good behavior. This week I had to stop to get balloons for an event and they did fantastic while we went into Target that I couldn't help but want to let them choose 2 balloons to take home with them. Who knew that $1 balloon would be so much fun :)

Happy Birthday Time

Adam's birthday fell in the middle of the week this year. The middle of the busiest week of the year. We did a little dinner at home along with some red velvet cake. Hunter had requested that we get a basketball for the gift. I ended up purchasing a goal to go with it. I look forward to the good memories the goal will bring in the future.

Just a little bit of everything

Mackenzie is notorious for sleeping with a little bit of everything. She pulls in books, dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles, and more. However, this night she ended up pulling in the volleyball also. The volleyball was a gift from one of Adam's friends. She loved it and requested to sleep with it. When I put her to bed, I knew that she would pull it in her bed with her. After she feel asleep, I went in to do my nightly routine of clearing out her bed so that she can sleep. This is what I found.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Fun

I love long weekends. I don't feel rushed to do the house cleaning on Saturday and the laundry on Sunday. This weekend, I put it all off until Monday. I just needed a fun weekend with the kids. On the way home from dance, we stopped at an art gallery that had our school's art on display. Hunter's was the only Kindergartener from our school on display. He was so proud.
I bought teeshirts for the kids to color thinking that it would keep them busy. Hunter really worked on his, but Mackenzie would work on it for a few seconds and then walk away. She doesn't have a large interest in coloring yet, but will eventually.
Tonight I decided to set up the tent, in the front room of course. No sleeping in our backyard for several reasons: 1. Temperatures reaching below freezing tonight, 2. Florida Panthers, 3. Bears, 4. Snakes, along with a few other nocturnal creatures. Until we get a fence around our yard, we will be "camping" indoors. The kids had a blast setting their areas up. It was a struggle to get them asleep, but crossing my fingers that they do sleep well. We will see in the morning.

Happy Valentines

Valentines crept up on us fast this year. The kids received a gift for Annmother and Pops last week. They had a blast with their fun cards and candy boxes.
Hunter did label all of his Valentines cards for his class. I was so proud of him. Last year it was a struggle to get all of his friends names. This year he was able to get his cards ready in one sitting. I was so proud. He was so cute checking off the names as he went. Below is a picture of his list. Notice the word he placed on the list: scip and dun. Love it!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ready to Dance

Before Mackenzie was born, I knew that she was going to be a dancer. She constantly was pointing her toes and pressing against my belly. After she was born, she still pointed those little toes as much as she could. Her little feet have always been busy. Once she started walking, she started to show more dance qualities by standing on her toes. She continues to amaze me with her balance, standing on her toes, and her ability to stand on one foot for a period of time.

One of my student's mother owns a dance studio. She offered us a free class to see if Mackenzie had an interest in dance. I took her 3 weeks ago. She didn't participate, but observed really closely. I could tell that she was soaking it all in, but wasn't quite ready to participate. I went ahead and signed her up for the next couple of months. As we were getting in the car after that first class, she turned to me and said, "I want more Ms. Wendy." I was quite amazed that someone she had just met made such an impression. She asked all the way for "more Ms. Wendy" and continued to ask throughout the week. The next Saturday, we dressed her up and took her. She was so excited. Again, she observed for the first part of the class, but then decided to start following the others towards the middle of class. Today was her 3rd class. She participated most of the class and loved every minute. I never thought I would sign my child up for something this early in her childhood, but I just feel like this is right for her. She wants to do it and looks forward to it, so why not encourage it.

Hunter hasn't ever had much of an interest in participating in sports. However, after seeing Mackenzie take an interest, he has said that he wants to take up basketball. I'm looking forward to putting him in next fall. It looks like we are beginning to be the parents carting the kids to practice. I am looking forward to them being involved, but I hope it doesn't get in the way of our enjoying life and each other.

Tee It Up

I few months ago, I purchased a Groupon for putt putt golf. I wasn't sure how it would go over with Mackenzie, but she was a natural. What I mean by "natural" is that she was really good and picking up the ball and placing it in the hole after attempting to hit it with the club. Hunter had some pretty exciting moments. He had several holes in one. His expression in some of these pictures are priceless. The kids had a blast and we had a few laughs. Putt putt golf will be visited again by this crew.

All Aboard

During Nannie's visit we took a trip to the part we visited last October. The kids loved riding the train with Annmother and Pops. I just knew that they would enjoy riding again. It is amazing how calm Mackenzie gets while riding on the train. Hunter requested to sit close to the front. I think he would live at that park if he could. Afterwards we played on the playground for a bit before heading back home for some good naps. I enjoy spending Saturdays at the park with the kids. We need to do it more often.