Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big Girl Room

As I took the baby bed down, I didn't cry. I did think about the memories I have had with that bed. It is something I will hold onto until I have little ones to place in it again (not for another 24 or so years).
I did enjoy rearranging her room. She even enjoyed making theses changes. She was so proud of her new bed. It has been 2 weeks and she has done great. The 1st couple of nights she woke up and cried for a few minutes and eventually crawled back into bed and went back to sleep. I did discover her one morning curled up in her floor next to her bed with all 3 of her blankets. She was sleeping soundly, but on the floor. This has not happened again. She was ready for this transition and so was I.

It's Time

Mackenzie was able to get out of her bed this summer. However, she wasn't doing this very often. I decided to wait until she was ready to be moved. Well...at the end of September, we went through 3 nights of her getting out of her bed and refusing to get back in. Hunter went through this same phase at 18 months. I fought it for about 4 long months. I learned from that experience not to fight it this transition. As you can see, one of her last nights she was even sleeping putting her feet outside of the bed. It's time...

Hunter's Signs

I love Hunter's little signs he posts around the house. When this phase began, I was not very fond of his signs hanging up all over the house. Over time, I have realized that eventually he will grow out of wanting to hang signs for me to enjoy. I do put some restrictions still because he would get carried away with the banners. Below are a few of his samples. One of them are even 2 sided and I can change it depending on which picture I want to enjoy. Love him!!!

Sunday Afternoons

Love Sundays!!!! I try to get all go the work out of the way on Saturdays by staying home all day. This helps us enjoy our Sundays more. However, as the season approaches, this will begin to look a little different. Errands to run, parties to plan and attend, festivals to enjoy, and much more.
On this particular Sunday we, as we do on most, enjoyed church and then headed over to wash a very dirty car. Mackenzie and Hunter loved watching this process. It was cute to listen to him explain it to her.
Also, her outfit is another reason I took pics today. Mom and I made this during our Fall Creek Falls vacation. We had fun sewing and working on this outfit.