Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nannie and Her BooBoo ~ November 2013

I enjoy a good fall day, but my excuse this time was due to Nannie falling and breaking both ankles.  I flew up to help out for a week.  It happened to be at the right time for the leaves.  God shows His beauty even in the roughest moments of our lives.

Sports Camp ~ October 2013

Mackenzie has a lot of energy.  What better way than to put her into Sports Camp.  Every week for 6 weeks they will be focusing on a different sport.  To top that, her best friend is doing it with her.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Trick or Treat

Captain Hook returns with a new little fairy.  

Mackenzie loved having make up put on.  Hunter wanted to use the same costume as he had the year before.  I wonder how many years this will last...UPS man for 4 years and Captain Hook for 2.  I have a strong feeling he will want something different next Halloween.

Random Fun ~ October 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday ~ August 2013

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip ~ October 2013

Growing like a Weed ~September 2013

Nannie had made this outfit a year ago with some bloomers.  Well, she is growing so shorts are the option.  Wish I could slow down time.

1st Dentist Visit ~ September 2013

She did great!  A little scared at moments, but for the most part it went really smoothly.

Daddy is Home ~ September 2013

Adam made a trip to TN to work a tournament and came back with some goodies.  The rocking chair is one that was mine that mom refinished.  We love it!

Bunny Love - August 2013

Oh Baby!!! ~ August 2013

We have been worried that our little lady hadn't taken to playing with dolls.  She now has begun which is really exciting for myself and Nannie.

Boys will be Boys

Hunter and Trenton have always enjoyed each other.  Since our return to Florida, from the summer trip to Tennessee, they have really enjoyed creating different projects and being boys.  This project began with some soda cans, gift wrap roll, paper towel roll, balloon, lots of masking tape, and firecrackers.  I knew that I overheard them talking about this project, but had no clue it would turn out this, what is the word I'm looking for??? dangerous, creative, fun.
The last addition to the rocket was the Lego Astronaut.  It made Laura and I chuckle as we watched them talk and create this.  However, we told them that WE weren't going to be blasting that off.  This was something they were going to have to take up with their dads.  Of course, the dads thought it would be a great idea.  We gathered the kids indoors and crossed our fingers as both Adam and Jaime lit the firecrackers.  The blast off was unsuccessful for multiple reasons, but the boys had a blast watching the attempt of it taking off.  
They were so proud of their concoction.  It stayed on our patio for 3 weeks after this.  Eventually the paper towel and gift wrap roll were falling apart.  What will they think of next?

1st Day in 1st Grade

I can't believe that he is entering 1st grade.  It just seems like yesterday he was starting kindergarten.  Mrs. Pederson is an amazing teacher.  I look forward to our little guy learning so much in her classroom.  His classroom is only 3 doors down from mine and I will get to see him more this year than I did last.  I'm excited about our random "run-ins" this year.  It always makes my day to see him working and learning with is peers.  

New Family Member

Meet our newest addition...Snowball.  He is a pet that we adopted for free from a friend of a friend.  I thought it would be good for Hunter to take some responsibility for something.  He agreed to take care of this by feeding it, making sure it has water, cleaning the cage, and replacing the litter.  We will see how this goes.  I'm sure he will do fine.  One thing is for sure, this bunny is so cute and cuddly.  

Rrrrrrr You Ready to Play

While I mop, I have decided that it is best for the kids to play in their own rooms.  At first, the kids weren't sure what to do by themselves in their rooms.  It wasn't long before Hunter came out dressed like a pirate ready to go.  Annmother and Pops had purchased this for him last Halloween.  It has been a hit with Hunter.  Who knows, we might see it again this Halloween.  
Love his little mind and how it works.  This is a train with little windows.  What you don't see are the little Lego people sitting in the train.  So cute and so proud!
Ok, the above and below pictures happened on 2 separate days.  I had 2 pieces of styrofoam from something.  He found them and asked for them.  One day he created a mail truck then proceeded to go check the mail with it and then hand delivered the mail.  The second piece was constructed another day.  It was constructed into a "USP" (aka UPS) truck and he also has a package attached.  He makes me smile.  

Big Enough?

The Burke family came to visit and brought their 4 wheeler.  Of course, the older kids loved using it in our open back yard.  Mackenzie didn't get to ride it due to her size, but she did try on the helmet.  I just had to capture this small tiny body with the huge helmet.  

I don't think she knew what to think about the whole thing, but she did feel big for a moment.  Hunter now has decided he wants a 4 wheeler for Christmas.  The looking now has begun.  

Home Sweet Home Random Moments

We love our summers in Tennessee.  Coming home is sad, but once we enter our through our front door it is like Christmas all over again.  They pull out all of their toys and begin playing.  They play for hours.  This was taken our 2nd day back and I was so excited to see Mackenzie toting around a doll in her wagon.  All summer long, Nannie and I longed for the moment she would take to dolls.  I'm crossing my fingers that this is not a trend, but a beginning of a whole new love for her.  
Hunter loves to construct just about anything.  He was given this set by the Burke family.  6 months ago, I would have had to sit down and help him with these projects.  Now, he barely even needs me to look at the directions.  He is getting so independent and smart.  
Mackenzie grabbed her stroller the 3rd day home and I ran and got the camera.  She is beginning to catch on and be the perfect little mommy.  
Friday's are known as BCE Beach days.  This is where staff from Big Cypress gather together and enjoy the mornings on the beach.  I was so excited that we made the last beach day this year.  I even talked Laura Mendicino in letting me take her older kids with us.  Mackenzie and Hunter really missed them this summer.  They all had a blast and were so tired when we left.  
During nap recently, Hunter decided to construct this on his own.  I was so amazed at his creativiness.  He got an idea, began constructing, and came up with this for his final product.  He amazes me daily.  His mind is so much more advanced than it was this time last year.  He is growing up too fast.