Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A New Funny Face

Our friends Jayme and Kevin Deardorff came over for dinner the other night. Hunter has a thing for tape and trying to fix things that are "boken" (as he says it). While the tape was out, Jayme taught him something new. Funny new look! Thanks Jayme ;) Luckily I haven't seen this look since that night.

Monday, July 26, 2010


About a month ago, we received a package from Since then, Hunter has colored it, painted it, and now finger painted it. It has also been his new hiding spot. Whenever someone is coming to visit he will sit by the front window and wait for them to pull in the driveway. Once in the driveway, he runs and gets in the box and waits for them to find him. With a little help from us, they always find him. Who ever knew a box could be the source of entertainment for so long?!?!?!

Trip to the Mall

Going to the mall is not something Adam and I do often. However, Adam needed to get his eyes checked and Optical Outlets had a special. So, while Adam was in the eye doctors Hunter and I browsed around the mall. After going in a few stores, I could tell Hunter was getting a little antsy. He asked if he could ride a few of the riding toys. A year ago, he didn't want anything to do with these and now he can't get enough. Although he only rode 3 different things (due to the inflation of each ride being .75...CRAZY), he had a blast pretending to drive the train and a race car.

Baby Brunch

Myself, Jayme, and Michelle posing for a picture.
Hunter my big helper!
After swimming, the kids gathered around to watch a movie while opening gifts.
Me and my little man

Jayme Deardorff and Michelle Legried put on a Baby Brunch, July 23rd. Jayme opened her new home (literally they have only been there a couple weeks) to 9 kids and several of my closest friends. The kids had a blast playing in the house and in the pool. I enjoyed catching up with several people I haven't seen since our return to Florida. Hunter was perfect the whole time. While opening the gifts, the other kids were watching a movie. Hunter insisted on staying and helping me open Mackenzie's presents. He was so excited to see what each one was. There were even a few items for him, new cars and a Big Brother card with a badge in it. Even though the weather was a little damp due to Tropical Storm Bonnie, we had a great time.

A Big Boy Haircut

I have been avoiding the "Big Boy" hair cut long enough. Last week, while swimming, Hunter would go under the water to swim and every time he came up he had to wipe his hair out of his eyes. I knew it was time. The curls have slowly gone away. I had hoped that the Florida humidity would bring them back to life. As I was cutting, Hunter looked around the floor and continually asked what was all of that stuff on the floor. I cut a few inches off. I was a nervous wreck and told Adam it might be the last time I tackle his hair, but after it was over I was proud of my stylist job. Maybe this will be my new career ;)

A Family Visit

A night on the town!
Hunter, EJ, and Oliva having fun in the water. Oliva looks like she is trying to control the little guys. Cute!

Building a fort with army men

EJ is working on the mote around the fort.

Enjoying the cool ocean water and breeze

The ladies

One of the perks of living in Florida is whenever we have visitors in the area, we take a break from "every day stress" and join in on the vacation fun. Uncle Dave's boss owns a condo on Naples beach. We went and visited a few times and enjoyed the pool and beach with the family. Above you can see Hunter and EJ working on building forts with army men. Lindsay and Nick had bought some army men and brought them along. Everyone had a blast with building forts and playing with the army men. There were red, blue, and green army men and they were all protecting different parts of the fort. Lots of fun! During the week we joined them for dinner a few nights. Friday night, Adam, Nick, Lindsay, and myself joined a few of our friends for a late dinner. It was fun showing them a little of the Naples night life. Thank you Ioana for keeping Hunter. Adam and I very rarely get out by ourselves and it was a nice change of pace. We hope they will come back again soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hunter's Jobs

Getting Hunter to get ready in the morning has been a little difficult and time consuming. Once I go back to work in October, I want the mornings to go as smoothly as possible so I came up with "Hunter's Job Chart". He has 5 jobs in the morning and 5 jobs in the evening before bed. He can distinguish the jobs (morning vs. night) by the background of each card. The morning jobs have a background of yellow and the evening jobs have a background of blue. As he completes each job, which is represented by a picture, he moves it to the "Things That Are Done" row. Once he is finished with all of his jobs he gets a sticker for each on his sticker chart located at the bottom. So far it has gone great. We are rewarding him with stickers and 5 coins to put in his Froggy Bank, that was a gift from Great Aunt Sally and Great Uncle George. Once the excitement wears off we will be doing something different for his reward, but for now it is working. I had a lot of fun putting this together and explaining it to him. He is growing up so fast. I can't believe that he is almost 4 and will be going to PreSchool with me at Sabal Palm next year (2011). Time flies!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Helping Daddy Around The House

We have been really blessed to come home to a house that was well taken care of by our renters this past winter. However, having a house there are always things that need to be done. With Adam not having much work at the moment he is busy around the house tackling different projects. One of the projects was to clean the gutters and overhang. Hunter loves to clean things, especially outside with the hose. He had all of his outside toys out and cleaning them. Just give him a bucket, a sponge, a little soap, and the hose and he has fun for hours.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July on the Beach

Our favorite place to watch the 4th of July fireworks are on the beach. Last year, at this time, we didn't know where to watch the fireworks in Bristol and ended up in our neighbors driveway on top of the car roof trying to see the surrounding shows. It was fun, but nothing like the beach fireworks. The show didn't start until 9pm so it was a late beach night. We had Hunter dressed in his beach gear just in case he got into the water. The show was fantastic and the weather was wonderful. We are enjoying every moment together and taking advantage of the benefits of living in Naples.