Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Girls Get Together

I wonder how many pictures we have of the three of us over the last couple of decades.

Donna and her new granddaughter, Katherine.

Janice entertaining us with her napkin talent.

Mackenzie and Katherine meeting. Even though Katherine is 4 weeks older, Mackenzie is catching up in weight quickly.

As many of you know, Kelly, my best friend from grade school and college roommate, and I were due on the same day, August 27th. Katherine, Kelly's little one, had different plans and came a few weeks early. During the pregnancy, we enjoyed calling each other on a weekly basis and sharing pregnancy experiences. When we both found out we were having girls, we were thrilled even more. We look forward to the girls creating memories similar to ours. Donna, Kelly's mom, invited us over for dinner. It was so much fun gathering together. Hunter was not able to join us due to a fever. I was sad that Luke didn't have anyone to play with but he seemed to enjoy our company. It was a great evening filled with good company and Sangria (which Kelly and I took some home to enjoy). Thank you Donna for having us over. I'm so glad that Katherine and Mackenzie were able to meet for the first time in a home that holds so many of our childhood memories (sleep overs, band parties, birthday parties, and Girl Scout cookies).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enjoying time in Ashland City

Hunter is introducing Mackenzie to Aunt Wendy.

Getting a quick nap with Annmother.

Giving Pops a run for his money!!!

Getting spoiled by Aunt Wendy. A few moments after this picture she had something special in store for Aunt Wendy ;) Hunter and Mackenzie has now blessed Aunt Wendy with dirty diapers the first time she met them. However, Mackenzie blessed Aunt Wendy with 4 in a row.
Hunter and Mackenzie posing with Great-Aunt Joyce Boyd.

Mackenzie rocking away with Annmother.

Mackenzie loved getting all of the attention.

Mary Ann dropped by and brough Hunter a goodie bag. He enjoyed opening his treat.

One of Hunter's favorite places to visit is Pops and Annmother's house in Ashland City. We were excited about introducing Mackenzie to all of our family and friends in Ashland City. We spent several afternoons just sitting on the patio and enjoying the company and fresh air. Pops and Annmother's is the happening place in Ashland City. Everyone loves to stop, visit, and see what Pops has to offer as far as fruits and vegetables go. They love to visit Pikeville, TN, to get fresh produce. We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the yummy apples and tomatoes he had just brought back. There is nothing like an afternoon on "the farm" and enjoying each other. Mackenzie was a hit with everyone. She continually gets compliments on her beautiful hair. Before she was born she visited God's beauty shop and had highlights put in. Thank you to all of you who were able to come and visit with us during our short visit. We can't wait to share many more moments with you in the future.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Time

Meeting Great-Grandmother Pearsall
Papa taking it all in.
Just swinging and calming the babies
Mackenzie is wearing another one of the family heirlooms. This was another dress I wore a few years back.
Hunter and Daddy hanging out during our photo shoot.
Our little angel ;)
A picture that says a thousand words: Papa entertaining Evan, Martha and Nannie tending to Briley, and me burping Mackenzie.
Playing with Legos is one of Hunter's favorite things to do at Papa and Nannie's house.
Mackenzie hanging out with cousin Evan.

Mawmaw always seems to be holding one of the babies. She is enjoying every minute of having them around.

We have enjoyed our stay in Nashville. Over the past week we have tried to see as many people as possible. Luckily they have come to see us. Sunday we were able to have all of our family here at once. Papa and Nannie's house has made a drastic change over the past 4 months. Our get togethers consist of diaper changes, nursing/pumping sessions, burping, and chasing after little ones. Sara, Martha, and I even had a quiet moment in one of the rooms in the house where we pumped/nursed and enjoyed a few minutes together. Briley and Mackenzie are pretty much on the same feeding schedule. So, every morning they have been here, we have had a 4:30am feeding party. Even though life is not dull and can be a little chaotic at times, we have enjoyed our time together.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alzheimer's Walk

Team Morris Family and Friends. Thank you Virginia and Rianne for joining our family to walk for the cause.
BFF's :)
"Gigi" and Hunter flying for the cause.
Here we go...
Enjoying the cool air and company.
Last year I, watching HGTV, saw a commercial about the Alzheimer's Walk for the Cause. I jumped into action and put together a team. We raised around $1200 last year. As crazy as our lives have been this summer, I still wanted to get a team together. When putting the team together, I knew that I would not be able to attend the walk. However, our plans changed and we were going to be in town on the day of the walk, September 25th. Thanks to all of our family and friends for helping us reach our goal of $1300. As I drove to the event, a sense of pride came over me. Even though this disease has effected our lives in a negative way, our contributions to the Alzheimer's Walk give us hope for a change in the future. This year not only did we do this for my dad, Jim Morris, but we did it in honor of Donnie's mother, Rose Cooper, who passed away this last spring after fighting the disease for many years. May God bless all who are effected by this horrible disease (caretakers, patients, and family).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our trip from Florida and meeting Briley

Briley and Mackenzie look like they could be siblings.
Proud dad and Papa watch as Briley takes his bottle.
Proud grandparents.

Nervous, anxious, and stressed are a few words to describe my anticipation of our long trip from Florida to Tennessee. We originally had planned on leaving Wednesday, September 22nd. However, Mom and I decided that leaving a few days earlier might be a little easier and give me more time to visit. Adam had to work so he would be traveling up on Monday.

We left Saturday morning around 9:30am. Our goal was to make it half-way which is Perry, GA. I fed Mackenzie right before putting her in the car so that we could make it a few hours before we had to stop. With Papa, Hunter, and Mackenzie in tow we set out. Hunter has always been good with long car trips. I knew what to expect with him. I wasn't so sure what to expect from Mackenzie. Mackenzie started to stir a few hours later, just in time for lunch. Nannie, Papa, and Hunter headed into Chick-fil-a while I fed Mackenzie in the car. Once lunch was finished, we set off. Mackenzie was perfect until her next feeding. She slept the whole day in the car. We arrived in Perry, GA, as planned, around 7:30pm. Papa and Hunter decided to go get their "injuries" (energy) out in the pool. After about 45 minutes in the pool, we all headed to bed. I, again, was a little anxious about everyone in the hotel room together. I wasn't sure how Mackenzie would be, but again she was perfect. She woke up at her normal times and went right back to sleep. The next morning we set off for Nashville around 8:30. Our day unfolded just as it had the day before. Hunter, Mackenzie, and Papa where all perfect. It occurred to me that Nannie was the only "normal" party in the car.
Hunter - a preschooler full of energy
Mackenzie - a 4 week old baby ready to eat at any time
Me - a mom recovering from a c-section and dealing with hormones
Papa - nervous about traveling and being out of his element

Our trip was unfolding perfectly so we decided to make a pit-stop in Manchester, TN to meet my newest nephew, Briley. Briley was born 4 days after Mackenzie. I knew that he looked similar to Mackenzie in pictures, but after laying them side-by-side I was convinced they could be brother and sister. Martha looked fabulous. She didn't even look like she had given birth a few weeks ago. (I am convinced she ordered him through QVC and he showed up on her door step.) We enjoyed sharing our newest additions with each other. We are looking forward to spending time together this weekend. Because of our day in the car, we didn't stay to long. Overall, our trip went perfect. My prayers had been answered and we arrived with nerves in tact.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night @ the Burke's

Friday night we were invited for pizza @ the Burke house. We love hanging out and watching the kiddos playing. Samantha has a big interest in Mackenzie and watching me tend to her. The boys don't pay much attention to Mackenzie because they are to busy running around. After dinner was movie time. This was the only time I could get them all sitting still for a picture. Thanks Sarah and Matthew for having us over!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Brother Time

Mackenzie has joined our nightly ritual of reading books. We were all ready for bed last night (hence the "no make-up" look).
Hanging out with little sister!

This past weekend Hunter loved spending the day at home. It amazes me how well he plays by himself. He has such a little imagination. Another thing that amazes me about him is that he plays with ALL of his toys. He never plays with just one or two specific toys. He rotates them on his own (and he puts them up when he is done). He does the same with books. Every night before bed we read 2 books. He never brings me the same 2 books. He loves discovering new stories! I love that he makes different choices and explores them himself.

Cute Expressions

Getting ready for the beach.

So tired.
Not a great picture of her smile, but it was one Nannie caught on camera.

Here are just a few pictures of her cute expressions. She loves to stick out her tongue. Her smile is amazing even though it is not intentional. We love watching her and getting a kick out of the many different faces she has.

Papa and Mackenzie

Just caught a few pictures of Mackenzie and Papa bonding. Papa loves to sing and whistle. It seems to capture her attention every time. We are enjoying having Papa and Nannie here with us.

to his little granddaughter.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip to the Beach

Mackenzie enjoyed the sound of the waves and the fresh air.

Nannie and Papa enjoying the warm water.

Papa, Hunter, and Adam building a fort.

Enjoying every moment together.

Who would have known I would feel this good so soon after the c-section. I have had mostly good days lately. The first 2 weeks were a little rough, but slowly I'm starting to feel more like myself. I do have to pace myself, but overall I feel good. We decided to go to the beach this morning. Packing the car and getting there was a busy time, but when we arrived it was well worth it. The water was calm and there was a nice breeze. We arrived early enough to enjoy the shade of the trees over the beach. The water was so clear that we found a starfish with 9 legs and a sand dollar. Those are 2 animals we don't usually get to see. Papa and Nannie enjoyed the warm water. Usually they come down during the winter months so the water is cooler. Today was perfect. I sat in the beach chair and took it all in. There is nothing better than spending time with family in such an amazing environment. We all truly enjoyed the morning.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chocolate Ice Cream!

Ice cream is a family favorite that stays in the freezer. Usually we choose vanilla or cookies and cream frozen yogurt, but this week we chose Rocky Road. Hunter loved it! In fact he was such a mess we had to put him in the bath tub afterwards. Can you tell he licked the bowl?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Papa and Nannie Arrive

Hunter's new train clock. The train goes around the clock at the top of the hour. Hunter loves it!
Hunter showing Nannie and Papa his weekly work from school.
Papa and Nannie meeting Mackenzie for the first time.
Nannie's first granddaughter.
Papa and Nannie arrived the night of September the 8th. They have had a busy few weeks. Martha and Donnie had James Briley on August 24th. Papa and Nannie stayed with them for a week to help them adjust to their new lives. They enjoyed having Nannie and Papa there and didn't want them to leave, but Nannie needed a few days to get things ready to come down here to meet Mackenzie. As soon as they arrived, Hunter wanted their undivided attention. Nannie and Papa paid attention to him first and then got their hands on Mackenzie. Nannie has decided that Briley and Mackenzie could be brother and sister. They both look very similar and have hair. However, Mackenzie has a little more on the top of her head. We enjoyed our visit and are looking forward to them staying a couple of weeks before we all head up to Tennessee for a visit.