Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visiting Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Joyce

Hunter riding a helicopter in the mall.
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Joyce enjoying some time with the kids.

Hunter getting ready to go from long locks to short hair.
He looks great. His hair matches his big boy personality.

Adam took the day off today. He has been working most every day while we have been up here. We went to Clarksville this morning to get him some new tennis shoes. Hunter is falling into the role of "big brother" more and more every day. He wanted to push the stroller today. We let him have full control in the mall. Later that night we went to eat dinner with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Joyce, Douglas' brother. We love visiting with them. Hunter was in desperate need of a haircut, but I haven't had the heart to cut it due to knowing that his curls where no longer. Joyce volunteered and I jumped at the opportunity. She has a small beauty parlor down in their basement so Hunter and I went down to visit. He sat so still and did perfect for her. He looks so big now. I told Adam on the way home that as she was cutting his hair, she was chiseling a piece of my heart away. Goodbye long hair and hello little boy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Being "Tennessee-ified"

Hunter using the bathroom the TN way.
Pops and Mackenzie looking on as Daddy shoots some hoops.
Priceless expressions!
Look who's in charge now.
Adam, Hunter, and I have been "Tennessee-ified". Adam and I have lost our Florida tans (not that I had much of one to begin with). We have both gained some weight eating all of the good food. Our accents are being tweaked, but most of all Hunter has gotten the accent down pat. For you Florida friends, you are going to get a good laugh at his accent. Here are the translations to help you in your conversations with him:
"rite" - right
"nite" - night
"thar" - there
"whare" - where
"fur" - for or four
"uver" - over
I'm sure that "thar" are some more, but those are all I can think of for the moment. It is quite funny.
Hunter has Pops wrapped around his little finger. The other evening we stopped by and Hunter asked to ride the lawn mower. Not only did he get to ride the lawn mower, but he also got to drive it (with a little guidance). His face was priceless. Hunter truly enjoys his time up in Ashland City on the far.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cars 2

Finally...it's here!!!
Totally excited!
He was grinning so big as we walked into the theatre.
We chose the best seats in the house.
I sent Adam to the concession stands to get a small popcorn and small drink. He came back with a large popcorn and large drink. He likes to do it up right. We took the extra home to Nannie and Papa.

Cars 2!!! Something we have been waiting for for 2 years. It was good, but a little for an older generation. Hunter had fun, but I don't think he understood the plot. Regardless, his eyes were glued to the screen the entire time.

Lunch with the Girls

Kelly Troutt and I love getting the kids together, but somehow when I come to town our schedules are so packed it is hard for us to do that. Kelly has Wednesday's off from work so I asked her if she could meet me for lunch. She was going to have Katherine so I brought along Mackenzie. We met at Chef's Market, one of my favorite lunch spots. It is funny to think of us meeting for lunch in the past and how meeting for lunch is now. It takes us a few minutes to get situated with the girls and then as we "visit" we are taking care of little hands turning plates upside down and little hands grabbing napkins. We had a great time and even decided to get to have another lunch date next week with the boys.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hitting the Water

Colin and Hunter enjoying the cool water.
Hunter loved the slide.
Colin in his gear. He loves the water.
Me and my little man.

Today Sara and I decided to take the boys swimming. Evan was at daycare and Nannie took care of Mackenzie while we went and spent some time with our little men. The boys had a blast. We stayed about an 1 1/2. Hunter got cold and Colin was tired. The boys had a blast.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8 Years to Celebrate

Our view from our hotel window. Downtown Nashville.

Tonight Adam and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel downtown and ate at Mortan's Steakhouse. The evening was perfect. I can't believe we have been married for 8 years. I met this amazing man 12 years ago. Who knew that our lives would unfold as it has? The journey we have been on together has been amazing. My love for him grows each day. Adam is an amazing husband, father, and role-model. Happy Anniversary!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Trip to the Nashville Zoo

Hunter and I watching the giraffes.
Mackenzie loved seeing everything going on.
My little conductor.
Hunter and Adam after their ride on the train.
Hunter was ecstatic about his ride on the train.
Adam had the day off from work today and suggested that we go do something special. He had mentioned going to either the water park or the Nashville Zoo. We decided on the zoo due to being worried about whether or not the water would be warm enough. (Hunter gets cold really quickly and then is ready to leave.)
When we arrived, Hunter's eye was caught by a sign that had a picture of a train on it. He also wanted to control of the map. He was puzzled by the fact that the map didn't have the train on it. (It is a new attraction.) As we made our way around the Zoo, he kept asking when were we going to get to the train. Luckily, we came upon it rather quickly. After his ride, he was grinning ear to ear.
We had a good time going from animal to animal. I'm like to linger and watch the animals. Hunter takes one look at the animal and then starts walking. He would get so excited about seeing the animal and then after one glance, he would say, "Ok, what next?" I think he gets this from his dad.
Adam had a good time. It is the first time he has been to a zoo with us. We have been several times, but he always is working. It was great to spend the day together.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pearsall/Ikard Reunion on Baker Mountain

Hunter, Colin, and Nannie playing around on the piano.
Mackenzie loved the ball pit.
Donnie and I are enjoying the view and the swing.
Bouncing Boy
Hunter's name tag states that his name is "Hunter, but also known as Sam-bo." Sam-bo is after my Grandfather.
Adam joined us after his morning of work. I was glad he made it.
Mackenzie crashed on my cousin Abby. She was getting her baby fix that day.
Hunter and Adam playing Corn Hole.
I was successful at swinging Mackenzie to sleep. Martha wasn't as successful with Briley.

Granddaddy and Grandmother enjoying the company.

Sallie and George hosted the annual Pearsall/Ikard Reunion. Due to the rain, there was a small turn out. However, it is always great to spend the day on Baker's Mountain. Their view is spectacular. Adam had to work that morning so the kids and I rode up with Aunt Sara and her kids. It was fun getting all of the kids in the van and making that trip. They all did really well. The babies slept, Hunter watched a movie, and Colin played with his phone and enjoyed having Hunter sitting with him in the back seat. The day was very enjoyable. Grandmother and Granddaddy were able to be there and visit with the family. Again, very rarely was their not a baby crying, but there were enough hands to handle all of them.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

The Boyd Family
Colin and Hunter are feeding the fish. Papa is showing his talent in skipping rocks. He has always been an excellent "rock skipper".
The boys really thought feeding the fish was fun.
We came back without any bread left. Those fish ate well.
Colin and Evan hanging out while the food was cooking.
Evan will be walking before long. He has really masted holding onto things and walking.
Papa's little lady
Mackenzie having fun with the napkins.
Hunter enjoying the tractor on the farm.

Pops, Aunt Wendy, and Annmother looking on as everyone enjoys the pond.
Aunt Wendy getting a little "QT" (quality time).

As you all know, Adam and I love to people over to our home. For Father's Day, we decided to have everyone over to Meemaw's house and host lunch. With much help from Annmother and Nannie, we pulled it off. Chad jumped at the opportunity to hang out on the farm. So, Chad, Sara, Colin, and Evan joined us. Aunt Wendy got to spend some time with the kids. It is always good to see her.
The lunch menu was really simple: hamburgers, hot dogs, bratz, grilled veggies, potato salad, baked beans, chips, coleslaw, and a wonderful banana crunch dessert. After lunch, we took a trip down to the pond to feed the fish. We asked Hunter what the fish eat when he is not feeding them, he said, "Nofin. I have to feed them." (I love when he says, "nofin".) It was good to spend the day with all of the Dads in our family. (We missed you Donnie, but know you had a great day with your little man.) Our Fathers were wonderful models for us growing up. Thank you Douglas and Daddy for loving us unconditionally and modeling what a great Father is.