Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Big Swing Set

Santa knew how to do us right ;) Hunter asked for a big swing set and he got it. The swing set is amazing! Adam and I were so excited about adding this to the backyard. This swing set has it all: monkey bars, glider, 2 swings, bumpy slide, sandbox, picnic table, club house, and a look-out tower. It is place in our backyard so that I can see it from the kitchen and the family room. I am able to cook and workout (not at the same time LOL) while watching him have fun. Our backdoor will be staying open a lot more now and I can't wait to enjoy the Florida weather this winter. Now for some landscaping...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Pop's and Annmother's House

Hunter showing off his train sweater vest.
Pops and Hunter waiting to open gifts.
Hunter and Aunt Wendy opening gifts.
Aunt Wendy gave Hunter lots of goodies including tons of cars.
Loving Christmas!
Annmother and Hunter enjoying the fun.
There was wrapping paper flying everywhere. Hunter disappeared and we found him under a pile of wrapping paper.
Playing in the snow
Hunter's Jeep @ Pop's and Annmother's house
Mackenzie sitting back and enjoying the view.
Aunt Wendy and Mackenzie waiting for lunch to be served.
Enjoying Christmas at Nellie's house.
We made it to Ashland City by 8:15am, Christmas morning. We enjoyed a morning of warm coffee, a yummy breakfast, and opening gifts. It did snow Christmas Eve night. Hunter, Adam, and Pops went out to enjoy the snow a little. I was hit by a few snowballs. After breakfast it was gift opening time. Hunter had so many gifts. He just went from one to the next. He had a blast opening each gift, but then was ready for the next one before you knew it. Aunt Wendy always finds the best toys for Hunter and now she is finding great finds for Mackenzie. Annmother and Pops went over the top also. We had a great time, but I enjoyed just being together most of all.

A Few More Christmas Morning Pics...

Hunter walking down the hall with Hoppy and Chocolate Chip. (Hoppy is Chocolate Chip's best friend who lives at Nannie's house.)
Hunter investigating all of his new toys.

Hunter's letter from Santa.

Nannie reads the letter from Santa. This picture was taken the moment before he realizes what is in his backyard in Florida...
The moment he realizes what the letter means! Classic!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

"The stockings all hung by the chimney with care..."
Santa's gifts to Mackenzie: Clothes and Violet the dog.
Santa's gifts to Hunter: CD player, LeapFrog pen and books, movies, clothes, tennis shoes, a calendar, and a "Big Swing Set".
Hunter and Mackenzie walking in to see what Santa has brought. (Hunter fell asleep Christmas Eve in his clothes. No PJs for him this morning.)
The evidence that Santa was here.
Hunter opening his stocking.
Mackenzie getting her first Christmas ornament from Santa.
Fruit Face :)
Christmas morning has always been my favorite morning of the year. Being a child and enjoying Christmas morning was one memorable experience, but nothing beats being a parent on Christmas Eve Night and then living through the kids' excitement Christmas morning. Hunter was so excited! His one and only request was a "big swing set". Prior to leaving for Tennessee, Hunter had spread his "reindeer food" in the backyard where he wanted his swing set and taped a letter to Santa on the backdoor. We weren't sure Santa could fit something so big in his sleigh, but he did. Santa even had written a letter and taken a few pictures of the swing set and left it on the couch with Hunter's other gifts. It was the last thing Hunter discovered. While looking at the pictures, he realized that the house in the background was our house and he yelled, "Hey that's my house." That was when everything clicked. He was excited, but I don't think he was as excited as Adam and I were. After he had some fun with Santa's things, we opened our stockings. There were a few small gifts in the kids stockings. My memorable gift from this year was a post-it note pad full of coupons that Santa had written me. Some of them were:
1. Dinner out with hubby.
2. Manicure
3. A week off from washing clothes.
4. Going to the park with the kids.
5. Girls Night Out
These are just a few. Half of the note pad was full. It was really sweet. Santa said he wasn't sure what to get me, and decided to go with this idea. This meant more to me than any gift Santa could have brought :)
Nannie and Papa were there to experience the morning with us. However, a few days prior to Christmas, Nannie had mentioned that Santa wasn't going to be filling their stockings this year. This was the first time in 59 years they were not going to have a stocking. I called up the elves and we decided to make sure Santa took care of their stockings. Nannie and Papa woke up to some surprises themselves Christmas morning. We enjoyed watching them open their stockings. I love Christmas!!!

The Morris Christmas

We were missing a few members, but enjoyed our time with the family.
Mama's boy
Daddy's little angel
Cutie pie dressed for the season
The cousins
Top row (l-r): Laura and Adam Boyd, Iona and Jarod Scott, Michael Fredrick, Lindsay and Nick Tate

Bottom row (l-r): Casey Owens, Jessie Fredrick, Mawmaw Morris, Sara McNatt
Mawmaw is sitting proud.

Our annual Christmas Eve gathering was eventful this year. Although Martha and Donnie missed the event, there was a lot going on. Every year we gather together enjoying good food, good company, and just being together. Every year we seem to get larger. This year it grew even more with our additions (Evan, Briley, and Mackenzie). The kids love running around and playing, as the parents watch. It amazes me every year how our lives change. As we were sitting around the room this year, it was great to remember the days of the past, but also looking forward to our future.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda open their home to us for the event. They have a beautiful large home that can accomadate all of us. Daddy loves to entertain so he brought his guitar (this has become a "must" to most places he travels these days). The kids love listening to him and some of them even join in with a little singing and piano banging. 11 years ago we added a new tradition to our gathering, Santa Swap (known to many as Dirty Santa). Adam and I try to bring one prank gift. This year Adam came up with a brillant idea. He suggested we get some fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme and wrap them up with a gift card on top. It ended up being the item of the evening. As always, we had a great time!

The Crew

These are just a few cute pics of "the crew". Aren't they cute?!?!?!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Papa's and Nannie's House

The fellas hanging out and watching football.
Donnie waiting to capture every moment of Briley's 1st Christmas.
A beautiful cake that was given to Mackenzie by France Ann in honor of her Baptism.
Born 4 days apart and they even look like brother and sister.
What a crew!!!
The sisters enjoying their newest additions together.
The McNatt family in action (minus Evan who is in the exer-saucer).
Hunter truly has enjoyed the magic of Christmas this year.
Martha and Briley taking in the view.
Daddy and Mama enjoyed having all of us in one room.
We ended the night in our PJ's reading our new Christmas book.

Mackenzie, Briley, and Evan where all Baptized at City Road UMC on Sunday, December 19th. I will be posting on that once we get the pictures in from Randy Chance, who volunteered to take pictures.
That afternoon we all gathered at home to have our Christmas. We weren't really sure how this would go. We knew the house would be very busy, but not sure how some of the family would handle all of the bustling around. God had his hand over our house that day. The children, including the babies, where perfect. Daddy sat and watched football with the guys. The babies did not cry. Daddy spent the whole day with us. This was huge because he has been leaving rooms with large crowds and finding a quieter area, which usually is downstairs with Mawmaw. The day went perfect. It was wonderful sitting around and enjoying our time together. We did open gifts, but the best gift of all was our time together was perfect.

The Hunter Family Christmas

Making memories with Mackenzie
Meemaw enjoying little lady.
Hunter giving Meemaw her gift.
The biggest present ever, according to Hunter. It was for Mackenzie. He was really excited about opening it until he realized it was just diapers.
Mackenzie spending time with her Great-Great Aunt.

We look forward to this time of year and spending time with many members of our family. Usually, the Hunter's (Frances Ann side of the family) celebrates on Christmas Eve. This year they decided to hold it a little early due to busy schedules. We filled our bellies full of good food and enjoyed each other's company. Mackenzie did great. Hunter was mostly excited about opening gifts and playing with the "big boys", Brandon our cousin being one of them. He did help Annmother pass out the gifts to everyone. He was a good little Santa. It was so good to see everyone and share our newest addition with them.